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   Katutu girls is an all girls provincial school situated on the western part of Kitui west district. Currently the year 2011 the school had a population of about 266 students,16 teachers and 10 support staff.The school with its re-energizing motto of "Aiming high" is goingto high heights in academics and other fields.We are staying focused as we are the "Yes we can" generation, that will by Gods grace and determination,gradually move to the top through achieving our goals.
  I take this opportunity to tank all our partners and stakeholders in the education sector for their continued and invaluable contribution directly of indirectly through support for our school programmes,the non educational sector partners for moral and material support without which the established basic facilities would not have been realized.
  It is my strong hope and conviction that as a team, we shall continue to be focused in order to provide quality education for the youth and nation at large.May God bless Katutu girls.

                                         JOYCE M MUINDE

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